Archie of Outlandish

The Man Who Lives Under Umbrellas

Written By Lynnette Kraft

Illustrated By Abigail Kraft

Book Soundtrack By Jared Kraft

Adult Contemporary Fiction Romance
Appropriate for all ages | Ideal for Ages 18+


Archibald Plumby cannot look up … well, at least not very far up. His entire life has been spent underneath the shelter of lowered ceilings and umbrellas for the slightest glimpse upward sends him into a panic.

Archie has learned to live with his particular set of circumstances. In fact, he has an idyllic life in a picturesque coastal town called Outlandish. He lives with loving and accepting parents, eats fine food at his mother’s cliffside restaurant and spends his days on the beach and in the town’s quaint streets in search of stories to write for his part-time job at the local newspaper.

On his twentieth birthday, as thoughts of the future begin to weigh on Archie’s mind, photographer Tallie Greenleaf comes to town and is drawn to this curious young man and his ever-present umbrella. She approaches him, hoping to get his permission to photograph him—but destiny has brought Tallie to Outlandish for so much more than photograph.

"A quick, absorbing read full of thought-provoking dialogue and warm moments ... Accompanying the text are full-color illustrations and an original soundtrack of dramatic instrumentals. These imaginative add-ons work to create the unique atmosphere of Outlandish.

"Offbeat, emotionally engaging, and authentic."
-Kirkus Reviews
"Archie is a lovely soul and the romantic tale here is a delightfully gentle read... a sweet, perfectly clumsy love story."
–IndiePicks Magazine
"A completely different type of book ... Archie is one of those characters who readers will remember and identify with."
–Feathered Quill Book Awards Judges' Comments

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