Music for YOUR Novel

You’re writing the next great novel

Do you find yourself secretly wishing that your characters could climb out of the pages and relate to the world on a deeper and more vivid level?

We believe that stories deserve not only to be read, but also experienced through multiple mediums—which is why we think music is the perfect way to make a great plot mind-blowing, to make compelling characters real, and to give works of fiction incredible emotional resonance.

*cue grand fanfare*

(See how much better that would’ve been if you could actually hear it?)

If you are reading this right now, we assume—or at least hope—that you have enjoyed one of our novels and have first hand experience with the universe enhancing phenomenon that is book soundtracks. If that’s true, we’d like to go out on a limb and guess that you’ve at least considered how awesome it would be to have a cinematic soundtrack for your own novel.

Imagine, a fully produced and orchestrated album starring YOUR characters and set in YOUR distinctive narrative.


Readers will now associate melodies and soundscapes with your stories, much like film and television audiences have been doing for years.

You can be a part of the next wave of multi-platform storytelling. Our composer, Jared Kraft, has years of experience infusing narratives into music and now—for the first time—he is offering his services to authors everywhere!


Great music doesn’t have to break the bank. Because of our unique business model, and our passion for representing each album as *another member of our publishing family, it is our pleasure to offer you the lowest possible rates. 



A Complete Book Soundtrack


(30 minute minimum)

$500 off of By-Minute Flat Rates

Approx. $33 Per Minute


Commission original music by the minute
$50 Per Minute of Completed Music 


We realize that each project is unique and requires a great deal of individual attention, so, we ask that you start the conversation about your project by filling out the form below. All information shared will be delivered directly to Jared, at which point he will review your information and send you a personalized quote and more details on the process of creating your original book soundtrack. Please share any important information about your novel, and detail any special requests you may have, including expedited music delivery.


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If you’re having trouble submitting the form, you can contact Jared personally at

*Jared Kraft will maintain his original copyright on all music created, and each book soundtrack will be branded by New Wrinkle Publishing and released separately from the novel it accompanies. This means that you will have access to the music for book marketing and may refer to it as a companion to your novel, but all rights and royalties will be the property of the composer. Beyond the first year of distribution, should you, the author of the companion novel, wish to continue distribution of the soundtrack, you will be responsible for paying small renewal fees.