Creative Team

Lynnette KraftAUTHOR: Lynnette Kraft loves a good story, in any form—real or imaginary. She admits to being a dreamer but insists she keeps a level head at the same time. Rather than conniving a way to live in a large beach house in SoCal with a wall of windows facing the beach where she can hear the soothing sounds of the crashing waves . . . she writes about it. It’s her escape and her third love. Her first two loves? Her family, the ones she lives for and would die for; and her God, whom she acknowledges as the Giver of Life, Love, Hope and all Inspiration.

Abigail KraftILLUSTRATOR: Abigail Kraft is forever nine years old, believes in magic, and likes to draw pictures. She has decided, a childish spirit is her favorite avenue to creativity, so she fills her days with music, family, giggles, daydreams, and animated movies. Then (in true, childish fashion) she cries, grumbles, and sighs her way through unpleasant work, and shows her mom as soon as she’s made something she’s proud of. Most of all, she loves her Creator, who gave her a super fun life and promises her eternity in the most funnest place of all.

Jared KraftCOMPOSER: Jared Kraft is a composer for film and media. His passion for music began with experience through listening, moved to expression through piano and eventually arrived at creation through composition. He finds his purpose and inspiration in his perfect Savior, his loving wife, and his wonderful family, and will always value the timeless phenomenon in which organized noise is translated into a universal language.

Melanie SchubertAuthor: Melanie Schubert is a scriptwriter and songwriter for the New Zealand performing arts company, Gobsmacked. She lives in a small, cosy apartment with her beloved husband Filip, a shelf of books and a peculiar assortment of Japanese paraphernalia. For as long as she can remember, she has been staring out of windows, losing herself in daydreams, and pursuing her belief that she must carve out and follow her own path in life.


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