Writers Contest FAQ

Official Rules


I don’t live in the US. Can I still enter the contest?

We are accepting entries from English speaking/English writing participants that will also publish their book in the United States (in English).

What should my synopsis look like?

You synopsis should be similar to what you would see on the back of a book. It should pique our curiosity and make us (and others) want to read your book, by revealing just the right amount of your plot and characters. There are many resources online with advice on how to write a good short synopsis, so we recommend doing some research to make it as good as possible!

Can I submit a children’s (picture) book?

Not this time. Children’s literature will be accepted, but in the form of chapter books (approx. 20,000 words and up).

Can I submit a graphic novel?

We are NOT accepting graphic novels.

Can I submit a book that I’ve already self-published?

Yes, if you are willing to publish a second edition with illustrations and soundtrack. Your work will be judged in the same way as other entries – by synopsis first, sample of writing next if we love your synopsis, then completed manuscript if we love your sample.*See Official Rules for more details.

Can I submit a book that was previously published by a publisher but is no longer under contract?

If you can send us proof that your book is no longer under contract, and you desire to self-publish the same book under the terms listed in our Official Rules, then YES!

Can I submit my entry using a pseudonym (Pen Name)?


Can I edit my entry?

No. You cannot edit your entry yourself (so make sure you double and triple check it before submitting it), but if you have an urgent change or would like to delete your entry and start over, just contact us through our contact form, and tell us who you are and what you’d like to change. We’ll work very hard to make the change for you within 24 hours of receiving your message. (But will probably be able to do it in a few minutes to a few hours.)

How long does my short synopsis have to be?

Your synopsis may have as many as 2200 characters.

Will you remove my synopsis from your website after the contest is over?

Yes. The contest submissions will all be deleted after the contest ends.

Will you read all the submissions?

Yes. All the submissions will be read and considered.

Is there any minimum or maximum word count my story must be?

Here is a list of our word count guidelines. If you are in the general ballpark, it’s okay. We’ll still accept your submission.

  • Youth Fiction 20,000 – 60,000
  • Young Adult Fiction 50,000 – 80,000
  • Adult Fiction 50,000 – 80,000

Is there any type of content you won’t accept (or any type you prefer)?

No pornography or erotica. Everything else will receive equal consideration. We like all types of stories!


How does voting work?

Voters may vote one time per day through the duration of the contest. We are watching the stats to make sure there is no suspicious voting activity. Let’s all play fair. (Even though the voting is for the secondary prize – the Prize for Initiative – we reserve the right to remove the entry if there is suspicious voting activity.)

How will votes help me?

The most popular entries will be posted at the top of our entries page. So, there will be more attention drawn to them, including our attention. Also, if readers are voting on your synopsis, it tells us readers will likely want to read your story when it’s published.

PLUS, the participant with the most votes will win a great prize package!

But you aren’t choosing the Grand Prize winner based on the votes alone, right?

That’s right. We are reserving the right to choose our Grand Prize winner based on the synopsis and the writing quality alone. *See list of judging criteria in Official Rules.

I’m entering late in the game and will never catch up with the leaders in votes. Should I even try to get votes at this point?

Definitely! Even if you don’t get the most votes, you could still hit the “Popular Entries”. The point is to get excited about your work and pull some people on board! We will see those votes coming in, and those supporting you will feel like part of your team. Imagine how you and your team of supporters will feel if you win our grand prize!


If I win, will I make money on the soundtrack?

No. The soundtrack will be available as a FREE digital download. Jared Kraft will distribute the album at his expense and will maintain all rights to the music. Look at it as an additional tool for sharing, drawing attention to, and marketing your book.

If I win, how will people get the soundtrack?

The soundtrack will be available as a FREE digital download on Amazon.com as well as Noisetrade.com. It will also be available to stream for FREE on Spotify and Apple Music.

If I win, will I have a say in what the music sounds like?

Yes. Jared Kraft will consult with winner about the story and music style before beginning. However, keep in mind, Jared is an artist representing his own style as well. *See Official Rules for more details.

If I win, will the soundtrack be available on CD?

No. Digital only. You could burn you own CD to share with friends and family… as long as you don’t sell it. *See Official Rules for more details.


If I win, will I get printed copies of the illustrations created for my book?

You will only receive the one that comes with the grand prize package. However, you may order them freely online through our merchandise page.

If I win, will I have a say in what my illustrations look like?

Yes. Abigail Kraft will consult with you about the illustration style before beginning. However, keep in mind, Abigail is an artist representing her own style as well. *See Official Rules for more details.

If I win, can I print copies of the illustrations from the files I’m provided?

The illustrations may only be placed INSIDE your book. You may purchase copies through Abigail Kraft. *See next question for more details.

However, the illustrated book and soundtrack covers may be used freely. Consider it yours!

If I win, will there be an opportunity for me (and my readers) to purchase merchandise that includes illustrations from my book?

If requested, Abigail Kraft will create a store with your book merchandise. However, she will create, manage and earn all royalties on the merchandise. *See Official Rules for more details.


Who will be editing my book? Will it be done well? 

Yes! It will get a professional edit by Hilary Gunning with HG Editing. You can read more about her here: About Hilary and check out her testimonials page here: HG Editing Testimonials


Who will be judging the contest?

The New Wrinkle Publishing creators will be judging (Lynnette Kraft, Abigail Kraft, and Jared Kraft).

How will my work be judged?

If your synopsis piques our interest, we will ask for a sample of your writing/manuscript (this may be near the close of the contest, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear from us until later).

If your sample impresses us, we will ask for your full manuscript.

If we love your book the most, then you will be our winner!


If I win, will New Wrinkle Publishing publish my book?

Yes. Well, in a way. We love that self-publishing allows the author creative freedom and we want The Author to maintain all rights and royalties to their book. So we will cover all expenses for the winner to self-publish and will basically do it all for the winner. There may be a few things we’ll have to guide you through (things that involve your personal information), but we promise that everything will be complete and professional!

So, will New Wrinkle Publishing be my publisher?

While you will technically be an Independent/Un-contracted Author, and will maintain all rights (and receive all royalties) for your book, New Wrinkle Publishing requires acknowledgment inside the book as the primary publishing credit, but if you would like to list your own publishing name as well, you can do so as a secondary publisher. Since we picked your book as our winner, we are excited to be associated with it. *But remember, the book is ALL YOURS!

Will I have a printed book or just a digital book?

We’ll set up the digital book first, but you will have a print-on-demand book as well. However, we will choose the service that we feel suits you and your book best.

If I win, how long must the book remain available for sell in this format?

We require the book be available for at least one year from publication date.

If I win, when will my book be available?

We want you to have a book you can be proud of. All the creative touches will take time. Remember, you’re getting illustrations, music, editing, interior book design, book cover design and album cover design. That’s a lot of creating! We can’t really give you a definite date, but we can tell you, the process will be fun and it shouldn’t take too long. (Plan on about 4 months from the time the process begins.)

If you have additional questions, please use our Contact Form to get in touch. We will continue to add to this page as questions come in.